As the Halloween season approaches, I’m going to try to review some spooky stories. First up, Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco.

Hunting Prince Dracula is an atmospheric murder-mystery taking place in Romania. Interspersed with the novel are photographs and reproductions of illustrations to help the reader visualize some of the settings. I really enjoyed seeing the early 1900s forensics lab. Audrey Rose and Thomas travel across Europe to enroll in a forensics school located in a castle formally inhabited by Vlad the Impaler. Audrey Rose is the only woman student, and she must compete for one of the two spots in the academy. Unfortunately, the students get a practical lesson in forensic science as students start dying and the mystery surrounding what’s happening in the castle intensifies.

Honestly, the location for a murder mystery was perfect. An old castle, full of secret passages, superstitious villagers, royalty and a cult. As the two of them investigate, Audrey Rose and Thomas grow closer, even as the danger around them increases. We also get some insight into Thomas’ background and finally meet his family. While the murderer wasn’t a surprise, it was an enjoyable and macabre ride.

Recommended for:

Historical fans, murder-mystery fans