“Do you ever feel,” she says to Jane, “like you’re trapped in the wrong version of your life?”




I feel like I’m trapped in the wrong version of this book.

Jane is an orphan figuring out her life. By chance, she encounters an old friend, Kiran, who invites her to visit her family at their home – Tu Reviens. Years ago, Jane had promised her aunt to never turn down an invitation to Tu Reviens, so she accepts. While she’s at the house, she meets an eccentric cast of characters and gets involved in the mysteries of the house:

  • The strange dog following her around everywhere
  • Kiran’s step-mother’s disappearance
  • What Kiran’s mother is doing in the attic
  • The small child digging in the garden
  • The armed servents
  • The missing art

Most of these mysteries are inexplicably related. For the first 100 or so pages, this book was an interesting contemporary fiction featuring a eclectic cast of characters. Jane muddles through trying to figure out the mysteries of the house. However, mid-book, suddenly it takes a turn for the weird.

Without spoiling anything, I did enjoy what Kristin Cashore was trying to do, but for me, it was just a little too weird. While some of the twists were hinted at pretty strongly throughout the book, some of them just appeared a little too out of left field.

If you feel like a bit of a mind-bending book, give it a go, but I recommend grabbing it from the library.

Recommended for fans of:

Doctor Who, Kristin Cashore