Friend Request by Laura Marshall


“I know that Facebook offers an idealised version of life, edited and primped to show the world what we want it to see.”




It’s Tuesday and it’s the perfect time to read a thriller. Let’s just call today Thriller Tuesday.

Louise, a single mom, has a secret. She wasn’t a nice person when she was in high school and her actions may have lead to the disappearance of a girl she bullied, Maria Weston. Now in the age of social media, she receives a friend request from Maria, and becomes paranoid, thinking that someone is stalking her. As the past and present collide for Louise, she’ll discover what really happened to Maria.

So when I read this, I was excited to read a book about what I assumed was going to be someone stalking a person in real life through social media. To be honest though, the social media aspect was pretty small, and nothing that happened through it couldn’t have been solved by simply just blocking the account. It really didn’t help that until the last 15% of the novel or so, that really nothing notable had happened to give a sense of urgency to the proceedings.  She received vague messages online? So do most people who use social media at some point, and everything else seemed to be mostly paranoia. I get that she’d been through a lot, but literally all of her problems could have been resolved a million times quicker by actually trusting the police.

Also, Louise really bothered me. Louise spend a ton of the novel telling us about how she’d changed a lot since the time she was a teenage bully, yet she also spent most of the narration being incredibly critical of women. Describing women as fat, dumpy, frizzy-haired, etc. I found a large disconnect between what she says about herself and how she actually was. As someone who was actually bullied in high school, her sincerity about repentance felt really flat to me. This made it pretty hard to care about her character at all.

Recommended for fans of:

Thrillers, social media


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