Little Monsters by Kara Thomas


“Hope is the most dangerous thing you can give someone.”




The thriller genre has really taken off over the last few years, and the YA community seems to have joined the bandwagon.

Kacey has moved to a small town and the family she has never met after things with her mother go sour. There she becomes part of a family and makes new friends – Jade and Bailey. It all goes sour, however, when someone dies and Kacey becomes one of the prime suspects. As the police investigate, Kacey learns the truth regarding her relationships and the bonds that she’s formed will be tested.

Kara Thomas created an interesting cast of characters and really captured the small town feel. My one major criticism was that some of the reasons that Kacey suspected the people around her were pretty weak, for example, because they were “smart”.  The twist wasn’t too hard to guess, but it was an enjoyable ride.

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