The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding by Alexandra Bracken


“See how many doors open, Alastor said, when someone with influence and ideas comes along with a key? Fortune can be hoarded, or it can be shared.”




This was a super enjoyable middle grade novel, and a perfect fall read!

Prosper Redding belongs to a dysfunctional, but highly fortuitous family. He is very close to his twin sister, Prue, until the day when his family tries to kill him. It turns out that his families’ fortunes are the result of a contract with a fiend, and Prosper has that fiend inside of him. Prosper escapes when he is rescued by his uncle and Nell. He goes to stay with them in a haunted house while they try to figure out how to get the demon out of him.

As the novel progresses, Prosper and the malefactor communicate as they share his body. I found the parallels between Alistair and Prospers’ families quite interesting. They both find themselves in a similar situation, and seeing how each of them react to the betrayal of their family was intriguing. The novel dealt with themes of escaping history and starting over, and I felt did a good job. For anyone who has tried to reinvent themselves, or change schools, you’ll find a little something of Prosper in you.

Prosper’s internal monologue was sarcastic and had me laughing out loud a decent amount. Bracken’s prose was lovely as usual and this book had the ideal Halloween vibe. Furthermore, I loved the passive exclusivity Bracken include. One word of warning though: This novel does end on a MAJOR cliffhanger, which makes waiting for the second novel difficult.

Recommended for fans of:

Fairy tales


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