The Diviners by Libba Bray


“How do you invent a religion?” Evie asked.

Will looked over the top of his spectacles. “You say, ‘God told me the following,’ and then wait for people to sign up.”




I don’t even know what to say about this book. It’s definitely found its way to my favourites shelf.

Evie, a young modern flapper, doesn’t believer in the supernatural. She is sent to live with her uncle in Manhattan after a party in her hometown of Zenith, Ohio goes wrong. Her uncle runs the museum for the supernatural and the occult, and as a number of murders begin occurring in the city, he is drawn into the investigation. Evie, who is headstrong and fearless, inserts herself into the excitement. As the murders ramp up, Evie may need to come to terms with her special abilities to save the city.

The thing that makes this book is the characters and character development. Mabel Rose, the dutiful daughter of activists. Theta and Henry, who work in show business and show the girls some of the hidden sides of the city. There’s also Memphis, a young numbers runner; Jericho Evie’s uncles’ assistant; and Sam the pickpocket that steals from Evie as soon as she comes to the city.

What I love is that all of the characters have divergent stories that mostly come together in the ending. While some of the characters didn’t get the screen time that I wish they would have, they all were really fleshed out and had amazing character arcs with growth. I cannot recommend this book enough, it’s a good time full of speakeasies, flappers, jazz and Manhattan.

Recommended for fans of:

Flappers, character driven stories, Heroes


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