In the world of Everless, time in bound to the iron in your blood. This allows time to be extracted from the blood and used as a type of currency. As might be expected of such a society, the nobles bleed the wealth (literally) from the poor. This allows them to live centuries while the poor literally pay with their life to survive.

Jules is poor and living with her father in a small village outside of the Everless. Her father used to work as a blacksmith in the Everless and as a child, she played with the sons of the the ruling family there. Unfortunately circumstances forced them away and she returns as a servant when her father needs the time to pay his debts. In her time at Everless, Jules will discover the truth about herself and the world in which she lives.

This book was written by a debut author, Sara Holland, and it was amazing. The writing was strong and the story incredibly well thought out. The plot took several twists and though they were hinted at throughout the story, some of them caught me by surprise. My only criticism is that it did suffer from a bit of an info-dump of the world mythology at the beginning, however, the mythology was quite interesting.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and strongly recommend it for anyone looking for an interesting YA read. I can’t wait until the sequel!