“We may be the only ones who think that braving a series of crumbling death traps is proof of good decision making.”


4 stars


This book was Indiana Jones in space.

Earth is a disaster. The environment is messed up, fossil fuels are mostly gone and the problems of Earth are beyond humanities current abilities to fix. Fortunately through the translation of a signal from an alien race, humanity has discovered a new world. This world contains advanced technology that could (possibly) help save the human race.

Jules and Amelia both have different reasons for signing up to explore Gaia. However, they meet and agree to work together to get the heart of one of the temples. This involves them dodging less scrupulous explorers, solving puzzles and dodging traps and the thing that they are looking for might not be exactly what they find.

It was an enjoyable action read set in space. Amie Kaufman always seems to do a good job when teaming up with another author and this book does not disappoint. It’s a fun ride that opens up a lot of questions at the conclusion, leaving you ready for a sequel.




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