Red Winter by Annette Marie





Emi is a young miko awaiting the day on the solstice in which she will become a host to the goddess. She has trained her whole life, and sacrificed normal experiences to keep herself a pure host. She is sent to a remote shrine to try to ensure her safety in the remaining two months before the ceremony.

One day she meets Shiro, a kitsune, and everything changes. Emi discovers a secret about the ceremony that changes everything she believes and as she seeks answers, Shiro assists her to repay the debt he owes. Shiro is also under a curse that Emi vows to help him break. Shiro seems unable to access most of his powers, and he also has no memory of his time before the curse. As Shiro and Emi adventure together, they grow closer, and an unlikely romance blossoms between Emi and Shiro.

I was a bit skeptical going into this book, because some of the books available only on Kindle Unlimited are a little…underdeveloped. I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It was solidly written, has a gorgeous cover, and features fairly well-developed characters.

Emi grows from a character who is completely willing to remain sheltered and only do what she is told to someone who ventures out of the safety of the shrine to seek out answers. Shiro also has some anxiety relating to his curse, who will he be if he recovers his memories?

Admittedly, I came for the kitsune/human romance, and I was happily surprised.


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