[ARC] Pestilence by Laura Thalassa


“After the first few seconds pass, it’s clear Pestilence doesn’t know what lips are supposed to do in a kiss. All his (hateful) enthusiasm is there, but it’s being held up by the rigid set of his mouth.”




So I received an ARC from the author for an honest review.

The four horsemen have come to Earth, and humanity is going to die. Pestilence is travelling British Columbia (Go Canada!) and headed towards Whistler, where Sara Burns works as a firefighter. Sara volunteers to stay behind while the city evacuates to try to kill Pestilence when he arrives. Except…Pestilence is immortal. So now Pestilence is pissed off and Sara is his target.

Pestilence takes Sara captive intending to make her suffer, and she does.  Sara is determined to help  the people she encounters and Pestilence is determined to spread his Messanic Fever at all costs. His purpose is to wipe out all the humans, but can Sara stop him? (Spoiler: Yes, with love)

I think my favourite scene is probably when Sara gets Pestilence drunk. Yes, you read that right, Pestilence is going to get shit-faced, and the hilarity that ensues is amazing. Plus Sara is tough, snarky and perfect and her internal monologue is hilarious at times. The book had the perfect amount of steamy romance, world-building and witty banter, and I need the next book NOW.

Seriously, Laura Thalassa writes a GOOD romance. I have no idea how a book about one of the four horsemen turned into one of the best romances I’ve ever read. Seriously, Pestilence and Sara start out as enemies, and as the book progresses, the two of them grow and a super steamy romance ensues. Enemies-to-lovers is my absolute favourite trope in romance and Thalassa does an amazing job of it.

This book is available for under $5 on Kindle, or FREE on Kindle Unlimited. I know that sometimes the quality of ‘free’ books is not that great, but this one is amazing, I promise. The best part is that the series is clearly set up for three more books, for the other horsemen, but obviously, the main couple will be different.


Recommended for:

fantasy, romance, enemies-to-lovers, Laura Thalassa fans


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