Aru Shah and the End of Time by Roshani Chokshi





Aru Shah is 12 years old, and has a flexible relationship with the truth. In an attempt to impress her classmates after they discover that she’s lied, she lights a cursed lamp. Lighting that lamp releases The Sleeper, whose duty is to wake the God of Destruction. To stop The Sleeper, Aru will have to gather allies in her spiderman pajamas and undergo a journey to the Kingdom of Death.

Aru is probably one of the most adorable protagonists I’ve read in a good recently. She’s lonely at school, not having any friends, so she makes up stories about royalty, adventures and travels to keep her company. Because she doesn’t necessarily tell the truth all of the time, it gets her into trouble. Aru’s mother loves her very much, but she’s quite busy running the Museum of Ancient Indian Art and Culture.

Aru meets Mini, one of the heroines, and watching the two of them grow closer was really amazing. There aren’t a lot of books about two girls becoming friends, going on adventures together, and having a friendship without the talk of boy.

So, if you want to read a cute adventure story about two girls and a pigeon named Boo, I totally recommend.

The best part: Aru Shah and the Song of Death will be out April 2019.

Recommended for:

fantasy, Roshani Chokshi fans,


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