Dark Tempest by Annette Marie





So this book is the sequel to Red Winter, which I reviewed here: Red Winter Review

This book picks up exactly where the last book left off. Emi and Shiro (and Yumei) are looking for the kunitsukami. Thankfully, they have a bit more direction of what to do. Obviously, Izanami is still lurking about causing trouble, so our heroes are going to have a fun time.

Have a mentioned that this book has illustrations? Please look at the pretty pictures:

This book was seriously addictive. Emi continued to be awesome, even as the solstice approached and her time is drawing to a close. She approached all the situations in an intelligent way, and she didn’t stop from helping out in a fight just because she was a human. Stabbing that spider in the forest to save Yumei and Shiro was badass. 

Shiro continues to develop as a character. He’s immature and boastful still, but seems to be looking out for Emi. He’s also understandably apprehensive about the removal of his curse and subsequent return of his memories. We finally get confirmation that Shiro is of course, Inari. Which is obviously going to be a big issue in the third book.

Also I love Yumei. He’s all prickly on the outside, but I bet he’s totally squishy inside.

The romance between Shiro and Emi picks up, though it’s still slow-burn. I need more. I need to start the third book ASAP so that I can see more.

The book does start out a little slower than the last, but after the first 30 or 40 pages, it picks up pretty quickly. The one gripe that I do have is that Emi is surrounded by a bunch of gorgeous guys, but there doesn’t really seem to be any female characters who are taking an active role in the story.


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