Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi


“I cannot let the broken girl inside of me inhale all that I’ve become. I cannot revert back to another version of myself. I will not shatter, not again, in the wake of an emotional earthquake.”




OK. I’m not sure what I can say here that isn’t a giant crazy spoiler.

Here’s a checklist for you, if you want to know whether to read this book. Do you:

  • Have feelings?
  • Like Mafi’s writing?
  • Want your heart to feel things you didn’t know it could. It hurts. Oh god, why.

Seriously, if you like Shatter Me, and the sequels you need this book in your life ASAP. It will make you feel things you didn’t know was possible and it will hurt, and you will cry, but it’s beautiful.


Spoilers below

There is a lot of things that go down in this book. More of Warner’s past is revealed and it causes issues with his relationship with Juliette, which is absolutely heart-breaking. If I didn’t have his viewpoint, I’d probably be clamoring for them to break up – but I do understand why he did the things that he did. I do think that a lot of the character development needs to come from Warner in this trilogy as he learns to open up to anyone who is not Juliette and perhaps a bit of empathy. I’m also excited to see how his relationship with Jamie progresses, because you can see that he cares for him.

We also find out the Juliette has a sister with some kind of Psychokinesis. Obviously it must be pretty powerful if the Reestablishment wants her so badly. I’m totally going to say that my ridiculous theory is that she is messing with the orbit of the Earth around the Sun which is contributing the the weather issues.

Seriously though, Kenji is the one shining light of happiness in this book. Although he’s used for a lot of comic relief, watching his relationship with Juliette develop is adorable.

Recommended for:

fantasy, romance, enemies-to-lovers, FEELINGS, dystopia


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