Immortal Fire by Annette Marie



4 stars


This is the third book of the Red Winter trilogy. This book picks up exactly where the last left off – right before the solstice that will end Emi’s life and signal the final battle to save the world.

There’s always been a touch of angst to this relationship. Emi’s time is limited to the solstice, but even if it wasn’t, a human/yokai relationship was probably not going to end well.

Emi continues her growth, as she has to make a decision regarding her future and the solstice. Shiro finally gets his full powers if not his memories back. Emi and Shiro develop their relationship (FINALLY) and we get some really adorable scenes…which are rather tragic when you take into account the time limit on their relationship. There were a LOT of feelings, have tissues ready.

Interspersed with the story are illustrations, as you can see below:

Overall, it was a satisfying conclusion to an enjoyable series. It also really hit the kitsune romance sweet spot. Despite the overall tragic-ness of the series, it does somehow manage to have a satisfying happy ending. You’ll still want the tissues though. 

I think the plot in this book was a tad weaker than the other two. In addition, there were a few typos (2) that I caught in the kindle edition, but not enough to really interfere with the story. Considering that Immortal Fire and the rest of the Red Winter trilogy is FREE on Kindle Unlimited only made it better.


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