[ARC] Contagion by Erin Bowman




So, going into the book, I was kinda expecting like Dead Space or something.

What I got? Definitely the deadly outbreak, and despite the characters INSISTING there are no such thing as zombies, they were kind of zombie-like.

So this crew consists of the dumbest commander ever – Dylan. Despite the fact that the planet is the site of a former massacre, and receiving an SOS, she insists that her incredibly unqualified crew investigate. Even though there are repeated warnings about the danger of the planet, she doesn’t back down and initiates a series of events that gets the majority of her crew killed.

Nova – the temp flight pilot is one of the few characters that I could stand. She actually makes (mostly) reasonable decisions.

Sullivan, Cleaver and Toby didn’t live long enough or have enough page time to actually make an impression.

The doctor, Thea and Coen are COMPLETELY fine starting a global pandemic because they want their selfish asses to get off the planet that they are currently on. It’s totally just an acceptable risk. I just could not believe how dumb they acted with regards to the future of the HUMAN RACE.

The writing was decent and it was nice seeing a horror/sci-fi book. But the characters make the DUMBEST choices, I couldn’t even deal. I was worried that I would rage-quit with anger.

Recommended for fans of:

Dead Space with characters pulled from, a slasher fick


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