4 stars


“Technically, I’m a murderer, but I like to think that’s one of my better qualities.”

This book is basically what the Little Mermaid would be if Ariel was a deadly siren who killed princes and collected their hearts.

Lira is the daughter of the Sea Queen. Known as the ‘Prince’s Bane’ she collects the hearts of princes to add to her collection. When she disobeys her mother, she is punished by her mother by being transformed into a human. Tasked with acquiring the heart of a prince, the price of failure is remaining human forever.

Elian is known as a siren killer. Born a prince, he feels most at home on the sea with his band of pirates. He finds a drowning woman in the middle of the ocean, and when he rescues her, the journey to end the war between the sirens and humans begins.

This was so great. I did not know that I wanted a deadly, brutal retelling of The Little Mermaid until it happened. Lira was brash, deadly and took no shit. Elain was definitely no prince charming. This was my favourite kind of romance though – enemies to lovers. Lira hates humans, Elain hates sirens and somehow they have a wonderful romance while Lira rediscovers a bit of her humanity.

Recommended for:

Dark, brutal retellings of fairytales, slow-burn romance