I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Is all Julie Kagawa like this? Because If so, I REALLY need to read her other work. This book was hands-down, one of the most amazing YA fantasy books I’ve read all year.

Yumeko is half-kitsune, living in an isolated shrine with the monks who found her as a child. When tragedy strikes, she sets out with a part of the scroll to summon the Dragon (I feel intense DBZ vibes here).

Tatsumi is a cursed member of the Shadow clan. A demon slayer, he is on a quest to recover the scroll, he agrees to help Yumeko reach the Steel Feather Shrine, where he hopes the scroll is located. He has no idea that Yumeko has one of the pieces with her.

They are joined by other people along the way – Daisuke a nobleman and Okame a ronin. Of course, none of them have any idea that Yumeko is a kitsune. Along the way they will encounter oni, yurei, and plenty of other dangerous creatures from Japanese folklore.

The book features intricate world-building and plenty of Japanese folklore. The characters were amazing, and seeing Yumeko and Tastumi start to care for each other was just too perfect. The book reminded me a lot of an anime, but in a good way. My only criticism is that I could have done without the random Japanese words thrown in. Not really a good reason why SOMETIMES a character needs to say ‘hai’ instead of yes. It’s just not consistently done. I need the next book now.

Recommended for:

fantasy, romance, enemies-to-lovers, anime fans