Dead. I am dead.

This book absolutely killed me and if there is not a sequel ASAP, I may riot.

In a post-apocalyptic world, Eve lives with her grandfather and to pay for his meds, she takes up fighting robots at night. After a bit of trouble at a fight, Eve and her best friend Lemon are wanted by all the local gangs. On their way home, they find an lifelike android – Ezekiel. This is when the trouble TRULY begins. Lemon, Eve, Zeke will have to set out on a crazy journey in which secrets regarding Eve’s past will come to light. Oh, and Eve has super powers.

The world in the book is AMAZING. I cannot say that enough. It’s like mad max and borderlands had a love child and added more robots. Kristoff’s creation of slang for the characters is so natural as well. He has a gift for giving characters and worlds unique ways of talking without making me feel like I need an appendix to understand what’s happening.


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