Kasie West is the queen of fluffy YA romance and she does not disappoint in her newest book.

Kate doesn’t really like dealing with people. He life is on a waverunner somewhere in the water of her parents’ marina. However, her best friend Alana, convinces her to take a course making the school podcast. Kate assumes that means she’ll be able to work behind the scenes somewhere, but she is shocked when she is chosen as a co-host of the advice podcast.

Even more shocking is when Diego, the boy Alana has a crush on calls in asking about what to do about the girl he likes. Kate wants to help guide Diego to Alana, but it seems like her advice isn’t helping. Meanwhile, Frank, Kate’s arch-nemesis is paired up with Alana to work on production. The four of them will spend a lot more time together, and it’s Kasie West, so there will be a lot of fluffy romance happening.

The book hit shelves today, so make sure to pick up a copy at your favourite book shop!

Recommended for:

Fans of high school rom-coms, ADORABLE STORIES