If you like Becky Albertalli or Adam Silvera, you need to read this book. Full stop.

Arthur is in New York for the summer, interning at his mother’s law firm. He is missing his friends, and looking forward to the summer ending, so that he can go back home. Ben is a from New York, and just broke up with his boyfriend. Arthur and Ben have an adorable meet-cute at the post office, and they take it as a sign from the universe. Over the course of the summer, they will have a complicated romance, full of laughter and messy feelings.

This book is amazing. It’s got a humorous voice to the narration, I actually laughed out loud at certain points. It is full of pop culture references and Broadway. Yes, DEAR EVAN HANSEN is referenced in the book. A lot. It is wonderful. There are also nods to other Broadway shows in the book, and as a musical fan, I just about died of happiness.

Arthur and Ben’s relationship is complicated. When they meet, they don’t know much about each other. They also don’t have much in common, but they are willing to try to make things work. There are misunderstandings and there are times when they fight, but although the relationship is complicated, it is also important to the two of them. There is an inherent time limit to their relationship, as Arthur is only in the city for the summer. I felt that the ending of the book was a perfect combination of Becky and Adam’s styles.

Also, the book is super gay. One of the things I liked most, is that this isn’t a coming out book. Arthur and Ben are both secure in their sexuality and there are no disapproving family members or people that they are worried about telling. In fact, everyone is super supportive, and it was really refreshing. Not that there can ever be enough coming out stories, but it was nice to see a book with gay characters where the main conflict was not their sexuality.

Recommended for:

Fans of high school rom-coms, ADORABLE STORIES