This was a strong conclusion to the Warcross duology. While I had a few reservations about Warcross, Wildcard put them to rest with a vengeance.

While I found some of the descriptions of the tech in Warcross a little iffy, I was very pleased with it in Wildcard. I think Marie Lu did a superb job of tightening up some of the issues with the technology, while keeping it futuristic. Some of the technology in the books is very close to some of the research happening now in relation to ARGs, so I can tell that she did her research.

The book opens strong, picking up exactly where the first left off. From there, we have an action-packed wild ride with the characters we loved from the first book. I finally got my wish to see much more of the Phoenix Riders (and Tremaine). We also had a lot of character development of the Riders, and even got to learn more about their histories.

The plot was well-done and incorporated the Warcross game, the technology and the mysteries about Sasuke perfectly. Obviously, things are not exactly what they seem, and the plot was expertly paced. Overall, it was beautifully done and I had so much fun reading this.

When I got this book, all I wanted to do was read it. I savored every word and I am so happy I had the opportunity to read it. It gave me so many feelings and wrapped up the series so perfectly. Seriously, there may have been some tears along the way.

Go buy this book now.

Recommended for:

Everyone. Get this book.