Holly, my queen. I worship at your alter. I was truly blessed to read an ARC of this book.

Picking up a few months after the end of The Cruel Prince, we catch up with Cardan and Jude. Cardan is now on the throne and Jude is pulling the strings. However, Jude may find it difficult to hold onto the power she has gained as things at court are not simple, there are politics and schemes afoot. Watching the power plays taking place in the court was just fascinating.

The relationships in this book are everything. Every single one of them is complex and layered. The back and forth between the characters are just too perfect. None of the characters are one-dimensional or shallow. They have complicated motivations that aren’t always readily apparent. Can we also talk about how Jude is the most amazing and badass woman to ever be written into a book, ever?

My favourite relationship is between Jude and Cardan. Of course, given the events of the last book, the two of them are at odds. Over the course of the book, the two of them get to know each other better, and the tension between the two of them is wow…just wow. Holly, you can write a tense relationship. You are the absolute queen. The two of them are just a complete mess and I live for it.

I love how with every book, Holly expands her universe. The connections to her other fae books may be minor, but to truly enjoy the cameos, I highly recommend reading through Tithe before going into this series.

This book is an absolute masterpiece. No praise that I write here could ever be enough. I live for this book, I would die for this book. It’s everything The Cruel Prince was, but more – more drama, more politics, more backstory, more tension.


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