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Rating: Review: So, going into the book, I was kinda expecting like Dead Space or something. What I got? Definitely the deadly outbreak, and despite the characters INSISTING there are no such thing as zombies, they were kind of zombie-like. So this crew consists of the dumbest commander ever – Dylan. Despite the fact that […]

Rating: Review: Enne is a society girl at a finishing school in Bellamy, awaiting her mother’s return from a trip. When her mother doesn’t return from New Reynes, Enne takes the advice of her mother’s last message which said: ”If a storm were to further delay my return or another unforeseen circumstance occurs, you can […]

  Rating: Review: After reading the summary of the book, I wanted to read it. It has all those classic YA tropes that I love.  The book alternates between two viewpoints, Zivah – a Rosemarked healer and Dineas – a Shadadi fighter. I wanted to love this book but I couldn’t seem to form an […]

  “Do you ever feel,” she says to Jane, “like you’re trapped in the wrong version of your life?” Rating: Review: I feel like I’m trapped in the wrong version of this book. Jane is an orphan figuring out her life. By chance, she encounters an old friend, Kiran, who invites her to visit her […]

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