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  Rating: Review: This was a strong conclusion to the Warcross duology. While I had a few reservations about Warcross, Wildcard put them to rest with a vengeance. While I found some of the descriptions of the tech in Warcross a little iffy, I was very pleased with it in Wildcard. I think Marie Lu […]

  Rating: Review: This book represents a significant increase in the maturity of Grace Draven’s work, both in terms of content and in terms of writing technique. Gilene has fire magic and so when her village needs to send a tithe to be burnt alive, she is chosen because she can survive. Year after year, […]

  Rating: Review: The Gilded Wolves is a unique story. One-part adventure, one-part heist, and one-part fantasy, this incredibly lush story will transport you to another time. It’s set during the turn of the 20th century in France (1890s roughly), but in a world that has a magic called Forging. Forging is the ability to […]

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